Thursday, October 9, 2008

Putting it to the test

The guy in the middle of this game is Mr. Eris. There are actually six soccer players in the photo, plus a ball. I chuckled when I looked at the photo because it tells the true story of Mr. Eris. He can often be found standing in the center with chaos and confusion all around him, usually with a totally innocent look on his face.

(Caution: camera nerd talk ahead.) This and other photos were taken a few hours ago at an indoor soccer game. Wanting to put my new toy through it's paces, at least some of them, I set it to a high 800 ISO and started shooting. This particular image is at a shutter speed of 1/8th sec at F5 with no flash. I am pleased with how it performed in low light. Okay enough of that boring stuff.

Indoor soccer played by grown men is fast-paced and intense. It also can get very rough and physical. Tonight's game was no exception. The bonus is that they have some nice legs to look at.


Check out Muriel's blog! She has a great short video clip that we all got a kick out of tonight! Don't get any bright ideas, Eris.

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Eris said...

Funny. That's exactly what he looks like around my kids. The blurs are just shorter and there is a lot of screaming and giggling.