Saturday, October 25, 2008


A few days ago I switched out my closet. Summer shorts finally went into the storage bin until next May. Sweatshirts and turtlenecks took their place. In the winter you will find me with layer upon layer. Jeans and hoodies, sweaters, turtlenecks, all of the warm stuff.

While I was hanging up the tops that would get me through the next six months my favorite knit shirt came off the shelf. It was purchased five years ago in Jackson Hole, WY and I still remember the little store. Last year I noticed that it was starting to wear out. The cuffs are fraying and have little holes in the seams. It was once a nice butter-yellow color but now has faded to a nondescript beige. It has been bleached many times due to various things being spilled on it, including tomato sauce and paint at one time. A good number of babies have most likely spit up on it. But it is still the first item that is pulled out of my closet.

This morning I chuckled when I put it on. Just like a pair of old shoes, it just feels right. You all have one. That flannel blanket that you all sleep with to keep you warm, the threadbare jeans that never ride up the wrong place, the stinky baseball cap that no one else will touch, the pajama bottoms that were outgrown four years ago. Comfort clothing. We all have something that we cling to.

I should throw it in the rag pile. It's not in good enough condition to send it to my favorite secondhand store. It passed that milestone two years ago. So it will be washed again, worn, washed, continuing that cycle for as long as possible until it absolutely must be retired.

That will be a sad day for me.

Fess up. What is your comfort item?



Eris said...

I have a gray flannel shirt that I wear as soon as it comes out of the dryer. I love it.

But my number one comfort item: a Neil Diamond sweatshirt that says, "Brooklyn Roads" on it. It has bleach marks and is way too big, but I wear it whenever I study (especially when it's crunch time). I will live in this sweatshirt until I finish school.

Sharyn said...

The 3 cardigan sweaters I wear year around. The grey one has now been regulated to the farm, full of paint and thread pulls and mismatched buttons. The beige one has been demoted to never leaving the house, somehow it got unremovable stains on the sleeve. The black one may last forever because I can never seem to find it without threads and pet hair on it when I want it to wear for nice.

I worked as the customer service director for the (then) biggest mall on the USA west coast. You know what used to amaze me the most? There are people who go to the mall and shop every day if the packages are anything to go by, but they still dress in crappy looking sweats and worn jeans. WHERE in the world do they wear all those nice clothes if not out in public?? Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

athena said...

I now have three woobees. Hmmm, mom made all of them. The oldest one sits delicately folded on my night stand and the other two are generally used for pillows and snuggling. I pack them in and out of the bedroom to where ever I'm being a slug.

I also have a pair of Numi's dad's sweat shorts that will NEVER be disposed of. They are so bad that I only wear them in the confines of either mine or my Lobster's house.

Also, my big dog. She warms me when I'm cold. Can't even think of what I will do without her. Ugh, I may have to snuggle D-Rock. =)