Monday, October 27, 2008

Playing with Pixels

The last three days have been busy, either with the camera in my hand or at the computer playing around with pixels. Oh, I love those pixels, especially the ones that come out of my new toy. Friday I took photos of nephew Deke and his growing family. Yesterday afternoon Jan and her grandchildren were the subjects of my often-obnoxious zoom lens. Then tonight I got to pick on the Duchess and her royal family. The Princess has grown up with my camera pointed at her so she's not impressed when we try to get her to sit still for a 1/250th of a second. Special thanks to Eris for standing behind me and being the entertainment for the little one. She has done this a number of times and is excellent at it. Maybe a backup career if teaching (or whatever she will do) gets boring down the road?
In the last three days my shutter has clicked over 800 times and many hours have been spent sitting at this computer tweeking images. Every minute of it is sheer enjoyment. Hopefully there will be a few that will be loved and shared.

On the way home tonight I reflected back on the old film days, the days before instant pixel gratification. When Bubba and Jubee were born I stopped on my way home from the hospital to get one-hour processing done on the film so that I could show them off to everyone that would look. There was no correcting a bad photo. Nowadays there is a disposable camera in my glove compartment, a Point and Shoot in the car door, a camera on my cell phone (never used) and often a DSLR in the back seat or trunk. If we are gone for more than one night the computer goes with me as well. Just call me the Pixel Packin' Mama.


The little guy at the top is Jan's grandson. He was adorable. The lower photo is a classic example of what being a Grandmother is all about. Those three kids adore her.

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