Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Teaching your sons?

This afternoon Zeus and I spent a couple of hours watching Mr. Eris, Jr. playing soccer. He plays in a competition league, which is tougher and more competitive than the regular AYSO league.

There is only one girl, Elli, who plays in this league and she is on Jr.'s team. She isn't afraid to get right into the game and fight for the ball, going toe to toe with the other boys. We all cheer loudly for her.

Tonight while watching the game we ended up sitting on the opposing team's side, right in the middle of parents. The game was lopsided (in our favor) and we were trying to keep a low profile.

At one point Elli was doing some kick-butt defending. I heard a mother shout at her son "Come on Andrew! Are you going to let a girl beat you?" What the hell? Way to teach your son, lady.



Eris said...

Yeh, nice. I love it when men say crap like that, but a woman? Does she not realize that she just dissed her own sex? Oh, and I super hope she has daughters she is raising to be nice, quiet, suservient wives.

Jodi said...

so ignorant