Friday, October 3, 2008

Say it with me now:

nuclear \ nu-kle-er adj 1. of, relating to, or constituting a nucleus 2a. of or relating to the atomic nucleus 2b. used in or produced by a nuclear reaction (as fission) etc. etc.

Say it with me now: nu-kle-er, nu-kle-er, nu-kle-er, nu-kle-er, nu-kle-er, nu-kle-er

No, not nu-cu-lar.

nu-kle-er. nu-kle-er. nu-kle-er.

Repeat until you can say this word correctly, which in some cases may be NEVER!
(Can't someone help her?)

Sorry, Athena.

$.31 (blaming the economy)


Eris said...

I listened to the debate on the radio on the train home and I wanted to scream!!! Not only that, but there ought to be a law against the overuse of words like "also" - I swear she used it twice in every sentence.

PS - Did she really wink at the camera more than once?

Numismatist Facts said...

Be glad that you only listened to it. Yes, she winked, I think three or four times. She wrinkled her nose a couple of times. When she greeted JB she asked if she could call him Joe. Thank heavens she didn't during the debate.

In short, she looked exactly like Tina Fey. One of the PBS commentators even commented on that after the debate.

athena said...

I have a really hard time looking at her and believing that it's not Tina!! In fact, I think she is impersonating her!

Muriel said...

She dressed up as Tina Fey one year for Halloween.