Saturday, October 11, 2008

The diehards

It snowed today. Come on, October 11th and we had snow? Last weekend we had snow-covered mountaintops for a day but it didn't hit the valley floors. I'm afraid that when I get up in the morning there will be a few inches to greet me. In the middle of the snowstorm Mr. Eris, Jr. had a soccer game. A temperature billboard at the school showed 37 degrees. The cold by itself doesn't necessarily bother me, especially if I'm out running, but this was a wet, blowing snow and we had to just stand still and watch the game.

It was a great game, in spite of the wet, slippery field and a ball that just wouldn't go very far when kicked. The player's were freezing by the time it was over but they walked away with a good win.

I think I'll go to California.



Eris said...

Yeah, why don't you go bask in the warmth and sun of San Francisco?? I'll be super warm in St. George next week, so I'll be thinking of you.

athena said...

I heart the snow.