Monday, August 24, 2009

Pardon my Poetry

It was bound to happen, school has finally started.
It's quiet and lonely, I'm brokenhearted.

University, high schools, elementary, preschools.
Even the little ones! Now that's especially cruel.

But I can look back and smile at all that we've done,
Cool things that we've seen and places we've gone.

Riding Frontrunner, Nature Center, swimming galore,
We've played with toads, snakes and scary dinosaurs.

We romped around the parks, went to ball games,
Had fun with our friends and played on the trains.

We donned our costumes and danced with our fans,

Even bravely climbed up the trails where I ran.

We welcomed new babies all were anticipating
While counting the months for the next ones, anxiously waiting.

We played softball, soccer, lacrosse and Shark,
Saw musicals and sang Annie songs like a lark.

McDonald's and Little Caesar's were our favorite dishes
Along with brown, black and red licorices

Followed by ice cream, chocolate and other delights.
Now I'm paying the price. My jeans are too tight.

My house is a mess, the fabrics need stacking,
Scrapbooks need journaling, the weeds need a whacking.

The cupboards are bare and could use replenishing.
Floors beg a scrubbing and photos await finishing.

Zeus has been patient as I've played all summer.
Now it's time to cook dinners, vacuum and other ho-hummers.

But thanks to you all for the fun that we've had.
I can last for nine months, that's not too bad.

So I'll count the days until the school year is done
And we'll start all over with the next summer of fun.




The Duchess said...

I love this...and I love you!!!

Mrs. Dub said...

It was a great summer.

And I love poetry.

We love Grandma Numi!!

Muriel said...

Thanks for letting us join in some of the fun. We loved being a little part of your summer!

Eris said...

You made me cry - sitting here at my desk at school. booh.

Becky said...

i loved your poetry! Its been fun to follow along on all your adventures this summer.