Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

We crossed one off the summer bucket list tonight (see last post). This afternoon I mentioned to Zeus that we should go to the baseball game after dinner. Our city has a minor league team and the tickets are often available free for general admission or an upgraded seat for a small fee.

When I got back from the pool this afternoon he suggested that we invite the kids to go with us. Surprise, they all wanted to go! Everyone except Bubba who was too busy playing with his new girlfriend, who by the way, none of us have met yet.

The high temp this afternoon was 102 degrees so attending an outside game was pretty risky. It turned out to be very pleasant. The sun set and there was a gentle breeze, perfect for watching the Great American Pastime.

And our team won 11-4 with three home runs! I think we'll do this again!



KFinley said...

Did you get any of the ice cream - yummy!

Eris said...

K, we didn't get peanuts or cracker jacks either. We recognize pretzels and Red Vines as the official snack of baseball!

Muriel said...

And as long as Matt gets his peanuts and Coke, he's a happy camper. Looking forward to hopefully going with you all in a couple of weeks!

athena said...

Don't forget the hotdogs and beer! That's true ballpark food! Thanks Mom and Dad for a great night out.
BTW - pretty sure the girlfriend is joining us tonight. We met her lastnight, she's fun.
Eris - get your voice ready.