Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twelve Steps needed?

"Hello, my name is Numi and I am an addict."

Yes, readers, that's right. Today I realized that I have a problem. No, I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, carouse, gamble, look at porn or indulge in any of the other behaviors that you probably thought of when you read the first line. (I purposely didn't list caramel and chocolate, the two things I absolutely can not resist.)

My addiction is to summer. Weird, huh? I partially blame my father for this problem and fully expect that someday in the future a mutant gene will be identified (help, Nancy?). If there really is a Summer Gene then it is certain that Eris also has it and has passed it down to her three children. Athena and her offspring don't seem to have the compulsive and bizarre behaviors that are often seen with this problem, although they do love their times at Lake Powell.

The pattern has been the same since I was a small girl. In April the days get longer and the tulips bloom, a sure sign summer is just around the corner. In May the winter coat of hair on my legs, by then long enough to braid gets shaved. The first 70 degree day sees the shorts come out of the underbed storage box. By the time Memorial Day finally arrives I'm just like a small child at Christmas (or Festivus) eagerly anticipating the opening of gifts, or in this case THE POOL!

The majority of June and July afternoons are spent basking in the sunshine. The kids grow darker and darker in spite of the religious application of 50 SPF sunscreen. More tricks are learned on the diving boards and the new swimmers get more adventurous and independent.

August gets tough. Just as a beer drinker might count the number of cans left in the cooler and wonder if he will run out before the party's over, I start to think about how the summer is going by too quickly and it will soon be time to go back to work or school. Two days ago while out for my morning ralk I noticed that daybreak is creeping slowly to a later time now. No amount of quarters could console me.

There are only five weeks left to cram in all of the activities that are on my summer bucket list. I haven't been to Lagoon yet (postponed until October when the Duchess can go with us). We need to get a day at the local Aquatic Center (tentatively set for Aug 4, put it on your calendars). I still have more tickets for the Nature Center and Dinosaur Park. Haven't seen a baseball game yet and need to get to more lacrosse games. Panic is setting in. Also, sadness.

Yes, I need help for my addiction.

I'll start right after Labor Day.

$3.87 plus car wash token and an Austrian coin


Muriel said...

We won't be in town until the 6th.:( Where is the picture taken of the kids and the fun water toys. We need to find somewhere fun (and cheap) as we spend a few days in SLC. And yes, we may hit you up for a stop in your basement.:)

Mrs. Dub said...

Hello Numi.

athena said...

I, Athena, am also an adict. I love the rays of sunshine that delicately brown my outer layer as I have also been blessed with the browning gene. I have not spent near enough time on this this summer. I will do my best to improve.

Eris said...

Actually, I prefer the fall. Summer is nice, but I like to cool snap and sweaters. Plus the kids are in school!

Erstwild said...

Ah ha! Time to push the hot button:
See's Vanilla Caramel Patties!