Friday, July 17, 2009

Backup your backup with a backup, etc.

This week has not been easy for the Numi. Emotionally it has been quite a roller coaster as well as an extremely busy week preparing for the Obon Festival. Also, a large order for photos was given to me a couple of days ago. No problem because they were all edited and I just had to call them up on my external drive and send them to the printers.


Whoa, Nelly. Not so fast. Three days ago our fair city had some kind of a power failure that lasted a mere 10 seconds, just long enough to require resetting all clocks and.... KILL MY EXTERNAL DRIVE! All of my storage, GONE! Corrupt files! Unreadable! Does not recognize driver!


Off to the land of technology geeks at our favorite computer hospital. One of the first questions the young kid asks is "Do you have a backup drive for your backup drive?" What the hell? Are you kidding me?

Twenty-four hours later I am back home. Data has been recovered and all of your smiling faces are back safely in their own little files. This little laptop now has the ultimate accessories of TWO EXTERNAL DRIVES plus a fancy new UPS plug-in strip (Uninterrupted Power Source) that will hopefully prevent any further crashes during power spikes or brown outs.

The techno guys couldn't understand why I wanted the old fried hard drive. Obviously they have never experienced the healing powers of catharsis.

I feel better now. And the photos have been printed.



Mrs. Dub said...

It's just good sense to backup your backup.

But seriously...that's lousy bad luck

Eris said...

Phoebe! You can't have Ross and Joey!

bummer. Although, there are a few pictures in that back up that I wouldn't be sorry to see go.

Muriel said...

I guess I do still need to keep all those cds I copied pictures to. I hope they'll be safe enough in my fire safe.

KFinley said...

Backup of the backup? I'm hosed if anything ever goes wrong!

*Knock on wood*

'boo said...

Catharsis is one of my favorite friends especially when in relation to technology. Now, where did i put my hockey stick?

Erstwild said...

Nice picture! ;)

That IS a recommended way of destroying old hard drives to prevent sensitive data from being recovered by the criminal types.

Erstwild said...

What's sick is about 20 years ago a major bank (who WILL sue if you malign them) had a mainframe computer hard drive (made by a major computer company I won't name) fail catastrophically, wiping out transaction records that cost the bank $37,000,000. It seems they felt they didn't need to make backups.

Who needs hammers & hockey sticks? ;)

-Mike H.