Monday, July 6, 2009

Achy extremities

My feet hurt.

Normally my feet are covered at all times with shoes and socks, even in the heat of summer. Rarely do I wear sandals and going barefoot just never happens. I like sturdy shoes with a good arch and lots of room to keep my toes comfortable. Because I tend to abuse my feet with all of the ralking it is important that I take care of them.

Also, I believe feet are ugly. Functional, but ugly.

The thought of a pedicure makes me cringe. Ugh, don't touch my feet. And painting toenails? Not ever. EVER.

So it was quite unusual tonight when I asked Zeus if he would rub my feet. Of course, he said yes, but not before I came to my senses and ran out of the room.

Little Ms. Eris and I have been dancing for the last week. Yup, you read it right. Dancing. For two hours, three times a week. We are learning 12 Japanese dances to be performed on the 18th at the Obon Festival at our church. This involves more than just moving my two left feet to a rhythm. That I could do. No, the hands and arms are also required to move gracefully. Then they add fans, kachi kachis (castanets) and an elaborate costume that apparently takes an hour to even get on, with assistance. But tonight they gently explained that my running shoes and ankle socks would not be appropriate accessories to the yukata and obi (a fancy kimono and sash). Sandals required! Now I might be in real trouble.

So until the Obon Festival is over I will be cutting back on my ralking, although not entirely. Probably just shorter duration. (Can't live without those endorphins and the coinage.)

In the meantime, Little and I are having a great time. She is doing well at picking up the difficult steps. The other "seasoned" dancers tell me not to worry about her because the kids are cute even if they just walk around the circle. Yes, she also will be wearing a yukata and obi. And flip flops.

My feet hurt.

$2.30 and one bent penny


athena said...

I'm so sad that I will miss this! Make sure someone takes a LOT of pictures and/or video!

'boo said...

What a cool event! Are visitors welcome/invited?

Mrs. Dub said...

I am going to have to come see this. I was interested last year, but this year will be more special!

The Numismatist said...

Oh yes, it is one of our major fundraising events for the years and is open to the public. I will be posting more information next week.

Eris said...

Oh.... my bishop is going to call me, I just know it.

bleason said...

Just wanted you to know that the MoneyWalkers are leaving this Friday for 16 day once in a life time vacation--Budapest, Austria, Danube River Cruise, car rental through Czech Republic. Euros, Czech Crowns, Hungarian Fillers--I wonder if the Central Europeans leave money on the ground like we Americans? May or may not be able to post with the laptop. Be sure to leave some of that coinage on the ground for when we get back.

The Numismatist said...

bleason, I am very, very jealous! Just tonight while out to dinner with Zeus I told him that it was time to go somewhere again. It probably won't be before winter hits but I'm still hoping for Puerto Rico.

I'll be waiting anxiously to hear about all your exciting finds when you return. And thanks for letting me know. I would be worried if you just disappeared off the blogosphere! You and Mrs. Moneywalker have a wonderful trip!

Wendy said...

A friend of a friend who suffers with achy feet attests that drinking lime juice daily has helped her immensely. You might give it a try!