Saturday, July 25, 2009

Diptera be Damned!

They are attracted to carbon dioxide (exhaling breath), lactic acid, sweat, heat and anything that moves. They need fresh blood to feed the larvae that they have laid in an old rubber tire as far as 40 miles away. They can fly up to 1.5 miles per hour and can zero in on a target from miles away. They prefer blonds (huh?). In other words, I am a convenient fast-food meal for mosquitoes.

My morning ralking routine never varies. The running clothes and shoes are set out the night before so all I have to do is put them on and head out the door. Past experience has proven that if I have to hunt for anything it is easier to fall back into the bed. From May through October there is also another ritual that is performed. One of my many bottles of OFF is sprayed all over any exposed skin, including neck and face.

Due to our exceptionally rainy spring we have been warned that mosquitoes would be a problem this year. They weren't kidding. In spite of two dousings of DEET I am now sporting about eight bites on my legs, neck and arms. There is a spatter of blood on my white running shirt left by the unlucky bugger who was still breakfasting on my shoulder when I smashed him.

These pests hardly ever bother Zeus. But if I step outside without repellent I'll likely get bit. The bad thing is that welts from those bites stay with me for up to two weeks. I usually know immediately that I have been attacked because my scalp starts to itch. Then I begin to swear which emits more carbon dioxide which they love. I swat hysterically at the damn thing, which causes sweat and movement, attracting even more of his little friends!

This morning was particularly bad, especially out by the bay. It's a good thing the coinage was okay.


Disclaimer: The above photo is not my leg, although in the past I have sported that many bites after a trip to the ranch.


KFinley said...

Thoses look like my legs right now. I have about 5 bites just on my legs! This has been a nasty year for bites!

Mrs. Dub said...

My kids (dub included) swell with bites. The ones on faces and ears can be particularly funny.

Eris said...

Oh. That is sad.

Erstwild said...

Time to take more B vitamins & garlic. They are supposed to help repel those critters.

I got bit by them often on my Mission in Georgia in one apartment until we were able to get the AC fixed.

-Mike H.

Muriel said...

Cameron was bitten (as were all of us) on our first camping trip of the summer. Only his didn't show up until we had been home for 3 days. I took him to the doctor because they kept getting worse and I thought he had chicken pox. Weird.

bleason said...

Your Coinage totals = A+; Mosquitoes Prevention = C+; the MoneyWalker's European coinage success = F.