Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spot the body

Let's play the game "What's wrong with this picture"?

Last week while we were at the big aquatic center I handed Jubee my camera (yeah, the BIG camera) so I could play on the waterslide with the kids. Later that evening as I was going through the shots I came across this one. The image below is the same one, just cropped in very closely.

Who says we don't keep a close eye on the kids? And just so you know, that is Mr. Eris, Jr. under the water and he is alive and still swimming.


and a Walmart gas card, unfortunately with a $0 balance. Oh well, I was hopeful.


Mrs. Dub said...

HA! Funny. It does look like he's dead and noone cares.

KFinley said...

LOL! I didn't even notice until you zoomed in!

Jubee said...

I didn't notice it until we were looking at them.

Eris said...

I've got 2 more where he came from.