Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting out of town... again

Yesterday Zeus and I loaded five kids on Frontrunner again and traveled to the Big City for some fun. Jubee and K joined us this time which made Mr. Eris, Jr a much happier camper. Salt Lake City is undergoing some massive construction work right in the heart of the city. While Zeus went to the bookstore the rest of us wandered down Main Street where we all were amazed at the huge holes in the ground that were being filled will high-rise office buildings, shopping centers and condos.

Then it was back to the Gateway Center for some fun in the sun at the fountain. It wasn't as hot or as crowded as the last time we went down and the kids were soon soaked to the bone. After an ice cream treat we boarded the trains again for the pleasant return trip.

A few more photos are posted at the Shooting Blog. Thanks to the five for a splashing good time!

$2.16 plus a lost driver's license and debit card


$.21 that Zeus brought back from his Oregon/California trip last week

A response to Eris' comment: Yes, she joined us for the last half of our excursion. As always, her presence was delightful! The photo below shows how she spends her daily commute on the train, except when she is sleeping, which she did for a good portion of the ride home!


bleason said...

Good totals and great looking kids.

It feels good to find a wallet and get it back to the owner. My recycling program continues to locate worthy clothes, wash them, and then place on the "clothes pole" for people to take as needed.


Eris said...

What am I? Chopped liver?

Great pictures - my kids are very lucky to have you and dad.

KFinley said...

Debit card? Does that mean unlimited numismatist finds?

The Numismatist said...

Sorry Eris, your photo has been added to the original post.

The Numismatist said...

FN, nope, just means that I have to return it to the bank so the owner can quit worrying. It was badly traxified.

And the driver's license belongs to a 20 year old girl. The height, weight and hair color all matched mine but sadly I don't think anyone would buy that DOB.