Sunday, August 9, 2009

English Assignments

What a busy long weekend! The English Clan visited with us for four days. We packed in lots of activities during that time. It's always fun to visit with them.

Yesterday Muriel went shopping with Eris while Matt indulged in a couple more rounds of disc golf. I took the three older kids to explore the Nature Center and then on to the train station where they were able to crawl all over the old engines and cabooses. Hey, I didn't know that old cabooses were made out of wood! It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Last night little Cameron and The Princess stayed with Zeus and me while all the older kids and parents went to a baseball game. These two little ones were a delight to watch as they played together. However, the Princess wasn't too sure about this "new guy" crowding in on her "grandpa time".

The house is eerily quiet today. Thanks for coming and we'll see you soon after No. 5 shows up!


A note to Muriel: I promise to make up for the forgotten chocolate-covered jelly rings next time I see you!

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Muriel said...

We had such a good time! Thank you again for having us. It's fun to have an extra set of grandparents close by. And as much as I love those jelly rings, my pregnancy induced indigestion thanks you for the oversight. :)