Sunday, August 16, 2009

MORE Competition

What the heck! Are they trying to put me out of business????

McDs has added a new feature to their drive-in window. This little contraption wasn't there at 6 AM this morning, or at least I didn't notice it (still a little dark at that time). By 9 AM it had magically appeared at my local walk-thru. Now who had this brilliant idea? This particular collection point is not one of the more lucrative spots so I doubt that it will effect my totals all that much. Time will tell.

Money Walker, have you noticed any of these in the south? As of this afternoon when I went grocery shopping the other local McDs doesn't have one..... yet.

$3.26 and another debit card to return


Eris said...

Selfish bastards.

KFinley said...

How much of that do you really think will go to charity?

bleason said...

I have not seen them in the Big Easy, looks bad for us money folks. Mickey D, BK, and Wendy's were big money spots when I first started MoneyWalking, but not so much anymore. I will feature my explanation on a future blog entry.

I was interested to read that your grandkids are interested in finding money. Of my three kids, only one is watchful for coins and ground scores.

I continue to monitor your findings and am impressed with the totals. In New Orleans I find that I must work harder this summer for decent totals. It may be the heat or the recession or both.

Mrs. Dub said...

WIll somebody please think of the children!!