Sunday, August 2, 2009


When I was young girl they were known as thongs. Obviously, the noun thong has taken on a different meaning. They are also called sandals, rubbers, shower shoes and most commonly, flip flops.

Except at our house. About three years ago there was a lively discussion between Zeus and Little Ms. Eris. He had asked her to get her "go-aheads" on and she insisted that was incorrect, they were called flip flops. (Can you imagine Little arguing with anyone?) Zeus looked at her and explained that they were called "go-aheads" because you can only go forward in them, not backwards. She was puzzled. He then challenged her to walk backwards in her go-aheads. Two steps in reverse and she was out of them. Zeus won that one!

Last week while we were all at the baseball game I looked down at the feet of Little and Littlest. There were four dirty little feet propped up on the chair clad in four mismatched go-aheads. They didn't care and neither did anyone else.

This image tells much about our carefree summers.

$2.45 3/4 plus a wrench


athena said...

Um . . . rubbers mean something else too!

The Numismatist said...

Rain boots?

Mrs. Dub said...

Thong song.

We used to call them "claps"
That was the sound they made.

Erstwild said...

A few years ago, I played an April Fool's prank on one auto related page. The title was "HOT WOMEN WEARING THONGS!! NWS!!" So, when you click on the the thread, you find pictures of women wearing FOOT type thongs, and you only saw their feet, not unlike the pic that Numi put up! Some there got a good laugh, but many were disgusted with me.

athena: One place I worked at used finger cots. You unrolled them onto your fingers to keep fingerprints off of electronic parts. But, they resembled another item that is unrolled to use. I think you get the picture!

Mrs. Dub: Even "clap" carries bad connotation!

Ah, the troubles of finding terms that don't mean something else MUCH worse!

Eris said...

Those are the cutest toes ever.