Friday, June 26, 2009


Impermanence is a concept that is talked about often at church. I have a pretty good grasp of this, I think. Nothing stays the same. Everything changes constantly.

The bees pollinate the flowers while they are gathering honey resulting in more flowers and fruits. The dandelion blooms, goes to seed and makes more dandelions. The tadpoles change into a frogs that eventually make more tadpoles that make more frogs.....

Impermanent. Except for the damn rain! When will it stop??????

(Sorry bleason, I wish I could send some your way.)

Note: Photos were taken on a recent Grandma Tuesday Field Trip to the Nature Center. More images posted at the Shooting Blog.


The Duchess said...

Impermanence is my favorite concept in Buddhism.

bleason said...

Impermanence, great word! Nice pictoral/alpha essay. Although not at all the same, it reminds me of the word disinterested--both words make you think.

New Orleans remains hot and dry. My daughter's swimming pool is 95, my deliciously hot showers are cooler.