Monday, June 15, 2009

Pieces of Paper

The most important dates in my life are documented by pieces of paper. Some of the papers are symbolic, such as the hospital certificate that shows my date of birth along with a photo of my young mother proudly showing off her new daughter. It is not my official birth certificate but is nonetheless, very important to me.

In the last few days I have thought about other pieces of paper that represent achievements, loss or life changing events. Some of these are:

Driver's license, obtained at age 16 and ushered in a new independence in my life.

Birth certificates of Athena and Eris. With these came the responsibilities of two little babies who would remain dependent on me for 18 years.

Court document changing my legal name back to my maiden name. Freedom.

College degree. Oh yes, this one was important for a number of reasons, the biggest was proving that yes, I could really do it in spite of what others believed.

Passport that has allowed me to travel to places that I never thought possible.

Death certificate of my father. Thirteen years have passed and I still miss him.

Marriage certificate. I signed on the dotted line 18 years ago today. A simple piece of paper that means so much. Life gets better with each added year.

I love you, Zeus. Hurry home.



Eris said...

We love the marriage certificate, too. Glad to have had such a great dad and grandpa around!

And who are you kidding? We have been and will be dependent on you for waaaaaay more than 18 years!

athena said...

I totally agree with Eris! 18 years my butt!

Oh - and thanks for making me cry.

bleason said...

$3.70, had to be some important pieces of paper in that haul. Congratulations on the finds, but especially congratulations on those precious pieces of paper in you blog entry.