Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here lies Numi

A few days ago I spent some time in our city cemetery. This is a place that I rarely visit. My personal feelings about graveyards aside, there was something there that I had to see for myself. Recently my mother had expressed an odd mixture of surprise and confusion after visiting her brother's final resting place. The designer of his headstone had a farm scene engraved on it, complete with a barn and cows.

My uncle was a successful, wealthy man. In spite of this, his life was one long tragedy. However, he often expressed his love for Bessy the cow and the country homestead where he grew up. The headstone made perfect sense to me and I commend his family for what I consider to be very appropriate under the circumstances.

As I wandered around the cemetery trying to locate the grave I read some of the epitaphs and looked at dates. What struck me was the number of people who had died at a young age. As I get older the number of "young age" gets higher. That is a sobering thought. I am close to making a commitment as to what is to be done should I become traxified tomorrow. There is a small space reserved for me but I'm not sure that's where I want to go.

But back to the artwork. I saw the grave of a trap shooter, complete with gun, ammo and a clay pigeon. An eleven year old boy had various sports designs engraved. There were dirt bike riders, skiers, books and military insignia. Many contained scriptures, temples or comforting thoughts.

It made me wonder what would represent my life. Music notes? A piano? A pile of neatly folded fabric? Maybe a camera? A pile of coins? Computer? Surely there would be a some reference to grandchildren?

So what would be on your headstone?



Eris said...

There's too much to you to fit on one headstone. We will have to build a large monument.

In many, many, many, many years

bleason said...

Here lies the Money Walking professor, published but perished anyway.

Sharyn said...

Body at rest, Spirit free

athena said...

I have a playlist on my iPod named Funeral of things that I want played at my funeral. Haven't thought much about the headstone but my favorite saying is "I may grow old but I won't grow up!"