Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome back Poco Verde

One week into summer and we have already settled into our comfortable backyard routine. Afternoon naps on the lounge are one of my favorite (in)activities. Zeus has already read a couple of books in the last week. Dinners and sometimes other meals are usually served outside. The neighbors have come out of hibernation and can be seen gathering on the sidewalks or planting bright annuals in their yards.

The wild roses are in full bloom again. My little "farm" has been planted in the backyard and requires irrigating twice a week. This year I have pumpkins, squash, watermelon, a tomato plant and a pepper. These plants are not as much for eating as for ground cover. Hopefully in a few more weeks they will start spilling over the troughs and providing green leaves where it is now dirt. Last year we thought that by now there would have a house behind us so we are enjoying our magnificent mountains for a bonus year.

But the funnest thing that has happened is the return of my little friend Poco Verde and his mate, Ms. Poco. It is well known that hummingbirds often return to their past homes for the summer and we are fairly sure that this pair is the same one that spent last year with us. The routine is exactly the same. Each morning and afternoon around five or six they take turns flying between the three feeders in the backyard and then perching on the cage that is filled with flowers. The cage is about 10 feet from the deck and they don't seem to be afraid of us. This afternoon at 5:45 I set up the camera hoping to get a photo. By 6:15 I had my shot.

If you come to visit and we don't answer the door check the deck in the back. But please, don't wake me if I'm sleeping!



KFinley said...

That is a gorgeous hummingbird photo!

You scared me for a minute though when you said "Welcome back Poco"...I was wondering if my dog had risen from the dead!

athena said...

Hahaha! K - I thought the same thing!

The Numismatist said...

So sorry Kara! Yesterday as I was calling out to little Poco Verde the thought of your Poco came to mind.