Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Quarter Goddess

The Goddess of Quarters was smiling on me this morning. While out on my extended Sunday ralk it seemed that each time I turned a corner or looked in a newspaper stand there was a quarter just waiting to be lovingly put in my left pocket. Dimes seemed to be plentiful as well. For some reason nickels are the hardest to come by. (Bleason, thoughts on this?) Pennies are a piece of cake.

The weather was perfect, a gentle breeze and bright, angled sunshine to make the waiting coinage look like it's winking at me. I just kept ralking, knowing that my left pocket was getting full and heavy. When I finally got home Zeus was out on the deck reading. He was impressed when I let him feel what was in my pocket (heh, heh, heh..). Here are the stats.

Quarters: 17

Dimes: 21

Nickels: 6

Pennies: 89

Total: $7.54

Time spent walking: 3 1/2 hours

I am sure that this total will stand forever. It was just a freaky day. For the last five years I have been unable to come up with good explanations about why some ralks are more lucrative than others. Perhaps this time I might attribute the large amount to the recent good weather and that more people are outside. Regardless, I thank all of you who so graciously donated to the all-time high that was waiting for me this morning.

Note: Zeus is very methodical in his counting of the coins. Pennies go in stacks of five, nickels in stacks of five, dimes in stacks of ten and quarters in stacks of four. Today after he was finished I turned them all into a big smiley face which seemed appropriate!


Me said...

Holy coinage!

Hollydolle said...

I need to start a habit like yours! And don't give up on your Puerto Rico Trip!