Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Gifts

Jan and I have an agreement. We discontinued exchanging holiday gifts two years ago. In place of unwrapping something we instead take a day and go someplace special. Yesterday we spent a peaceful morning at Thanksgiving Point walking through the massive gardens and delighting in the luscious array of tulips. The weather was lovely, a few sprinkles when we arrived but jackets were shed by the time we left.

The tulips were right at their peak so my camera really got a good workout. The images here and at the Shooting Blog are just a few of the 160 shots that I took.

While there I fell in love with the tulip pictured below. It is called a Frittilaria Tulip. After our stroll through the gardens and a delicious lunch at the visitors center I went to the on-site nursery intending to buy a dozen or so. Not this year. Those bulbs are $5 and $8 each!

The amazing thing about this display of tulips is that each year after they are finished blooming the bulbs are all pulled and stored until fall when they will be planted again, ready to awe those who come to visit next spring.

The roses will be blooming mid-June. Jan and I are planning another trip down so we can sit in the wonderful large rose garden for hours.

Thanks, Jan!


(The photo from yesterday's post was also taken at Thanksgiving Point.)

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