Friday, May 22, 2009

Screeching and howling

How did this happen? And when?

Last night Zeus and I joined the rest of the family as we bade goodbye to innocence and watched tearfully (fearfully) as Bubba opened gifts in celebration of his 16th birthday. All of the packages contained accessories to go in the car that he will now be driving. Eris and gang provided the hula girl for the back window and the dice to hang from the rear view mirror, along with a gas card. Athena and DRock gave him a new face plate for the stereo system so he can join the rest of the obnoxious teens who insist on the pounding beats at every stoplight. Jubee gave him a CD to turn up as loud as it will go.

Sixteen years ago when this tall, lovable boy was born I certainly didn't think about him one day driving a car. Just seeing him in the driver's seat gives me the shivers. Now in addition to wondering where Eris is each time I hear the siren of an emergency vehicle I will also wonder where Bubba is.

Numi and Athena 1974

The protective instinct never leaves. This past week my family could only stand back and observe as I morphed into a raging monster when I felt that Athena was being threatened. She instantly became an innocent nine-year-old again. My mother cat persona emerged, complete with bared claws, clenched teeth and all kinds of screeching and howling. In all honesty, I even shocked myself with the ferocity and anger that I felt. In the end the situation was resolved, at least for the time being.

Eris and Numi 1977

As Eris has taken up the sport of biking I have had vivid memories of my late friend Fran in a hospital bed after being traxified by a car while on his road bike. Eris has repeatedly promised me that she will be careful. All I can do is believe her. And worry, worry, worry.

By the way, our gift to Bubba was a nice Emergency Road Kit for his car.

$.58 plus one from Zeus


Me said...

Cute pictures! I can't believe Bubba is already 16. I still remember him as 5 years old riding around with me on the four-wheelers. Happy Birthday Bubba!

bleason said...

Our baby is visiting from D.C. In August, he will be 29. Where does the time go.

athena said...

Wow. Thanks for putting me into tears at 11:21 on a Saturday night after an entire day of fun!

I have the momma bear syndrome too . . . You can mess with me, but don't mess with my cubs.