Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby Blue

I love taking photos of little tiny ones. This little guy was finally given the name Gabe.
Another baby will be making her entrance on Tuesday.

Hurray for babies!



$3.50 Yesterday while enjoying a day in the big city I stuck my finger in a telephone booth at a 7-11. Out fell 14 quarters!


Mrs. Dub said...

Who doesn't love babies!
They are small, they cuddle, they don't talk back...

Eris said...

they poop, they can't do anything for themselves, they cost $$$$$... I love them!

athena said...

AND they don't have a drivers license!

bleason said...

Babies are great, but 14 quarters...Now I'm envious.

May be off for several days. Ms. MoneyWalker and I are taking our "farewell" Texas tour. It may be our last. We will get all the way to New Mexico on our way to Amarillo, TX. Don't find all the money while we're gone.