Friday, May 8, 2009

A Tributary ta ma Girls

Warning: This post could possibly contain some slight inferences that might somehow get under the thin skins of a few otherwise lovely and special people. You have been warned.

Are you sure you want to continue reading? Here goes.

Yesterday Athena lodged a complaint about my blog. Well maybe not a complaint, but certainly an observation. She told me that I had been posting too many photos of pretty flowers and that I needed to butch it up a little. (Still there?) Yeah, she's right. So I started thinking about all of the sporting events that have been consuming my life for the last couple of months (years?) and that I could put up a few photos of the cute high school lacrosse players and track and field runners. Or I could brag about the soccer players who are having such a good season. All sorts of ideas were floating around in my head as I gathered the necessities to watch the last lacrosse game of the season.

Well, Eris and the Duchess had the audasticles ta be a coupla minutes late ta pick me up (frude!) so I was already ticked because it was an hour drive over ta the field and we was fer sure gonna miss the a) tip off, b) kick off or c) I dunno whatcha call it in lacrossed. When they come inta the door they got all bossified and told me ta change out of my jeans and put on sum Sundie clothes. Like a blue denim jumper. What the.... Okay. Did that. First we went out ta dinner where Zeus and Athena joined us. Again, what.... I just kissed him goodbye at home. (confused.) After dinner I kissed him, again, and said "Ta Ta" ta Athena and headed ta the south fer somethin, dint know what.

We ended up over ta the Salt Lake City where Athena and Zeus was waiting fer us (it's a miracle!) down at the local play theater. My gals had boughten tickets fer the one man/woman show "The Passions of Sister Dottie S. Dixon". I been a devoted fan of Sister Dottie fer over a year and ta see her in personal was a celestial dream come true! Kinda like Eris touchin the fancy sequin hem of Neil's tight pants or Athena watchin that cute Jimmy drive round in left circles or the Duchess spittin tobacca in the bullpen with the Yankees. Ya gettin ma drift?

The theatrical was 95 minutes of riproaring laughter with sum heartwarmin moments thrown in for deep ponderin and cryin. Way better than the 8th Ward road show last year. Anybody who has lived in Utah would instantly recognize Sister Dottie and her unique ta's and fer's as well as the dones and beens. And her archnenemy Sister Barbara B. Boothe, well, we've all run inta the likes of her. Heck, there's one in every ward. And probly a couple in your ginealogy books. Criminently. I'm just sayin...... Oh, and that angelical Dartsey Foxmoreland, the show accompanister, why she had the whole place rockin with her vision of Popcorn Poppin on the Apercot Tree! As a former accompanister maself, I coulda kissed her, in a wholesome kinda way, of course. Lawsy!

If any of ya live around the SLC ya might want ta git over ta see this irrevelent show. Put a tuna/peanut butter casserole (don't forget the Cream a Mushroom soup with TWO bags of patata chips on top) in the oven fer yer hubby and grab yer VT companion. Leave all yer worries ta home while ya enjoy sum speshul guy/gal time.

And one more thing to ma girls: Love ya and 'preciate cha! And thanks agin!

$1.05 and a big blingy watch

P.S. The Duke tells me that his lacrosse team won the game 26-24 in six overtimes and was probably the most exciting lacrosse game ever played on any level. Damn, I missed it!


The Duchess said...

I LOVED this post! And I love that the Duke stayed in on the lie even after the truth was out. I had so much fun last night! I am so lucky to have found my adoptive family in Utah!

I love you.

athena said...

Pretty sure we went DOWN to SLC, not over, we didn't have to leave the general area/state!

I'm soooo glad we went!

And Duchess, I'm no longer calling you my adoptive sister. I've decided to drop the adoptive part. I'm glad you joined us!

The security word is prewsl. Probably sometin ya do at ta K-mart!

The Numismatist said...

east = up
west = down
north/south = over


Maybe that's why I get lost all the time.

Muriel said...

I thought north was up and south was down. You just came up to Pocatello this morning.