Friday, May 15, 2009

Come on in, the door's open!

I like doors. Whenever we travel Zeus knows that I am going to find my way to an old church or cathedral. The doors on these places are usually very interesting and often have ornate handles. The door handle below is on a very heavy door at the Mission San Juan Bautista in California. The mission is over 300 years old. After posting this photo I'm not so sure that the handle is that old. I just noticed that the screws are way too new. (Geez, now I'm disappointed.) But the door itself was cool...

The "door" below has given me chuckle for over a year. I drive past it often on a windy road into town. For most of last summer it was just the fence posts and the gate. Sometime last fall they added the bricks. I'm hoping the homeowners applied for some Stimulus Funding so they can add the rest of the fence. It reminds me of the new wall between Mexico and Arizona. Homeland Security at it's finest. (Sorry, I just broke my own "no politics" rule.)

I found this last door at a location in an older part of our city. I suppose it is there for guests to knock on before they are welcomed into the carport to sit on the loveseat and have a drink at the round bar table. And in case you can't see it, the sign above the door says "No Trespassing".



G said...

awesome! love the symbolic nature of a door that must be knocked on, regardless of the fact that there is no wall to prevent entry. hilarious. deep.

Eris said...

Homeland security, you cannot defeat me! I have already started my underground railroad around your inpenetrable wall.


bleason said...

I also enjoy viewing and photographing doors and gates. Business interest has taken me to China several times. It is a closed society, thus, there are gates everywhere. One way in, one way out. Many are very ornate and like yours are interesting or reveal an unusual situation that invites speculation. Elvis Pressley sang a spiritual about gates--'so wide, you can't go around it; so low, you can't go under it; so high, you can't go over it..."