Saturday, May 30, 2009

Woot! Woot! Summer is here!

This morning at 11:45 AM Zeus kissed me goodbye. I have a hunch that behind that nice kiss was his sad thought "I won't see her again until September". Partly true, but I will be coming home to shower and to get more smooches from him.

The pool opened this afternoon. That means that three or four afternoons a week I'll be escaping the summer heat and enjoying the cool water with the grandkids. Eris' two oldest are like fish, totally unafraid and require only minimal watching. Littlest Ms., at 3 1/2 years old is going to give up her floaties in the next couple of weeks whether she likes it or not. Little was jumping off the diving board and scaring the crap out of the lifeguards at this age so I know that Littlest can do it, too.

I will admit that the water was still too cold for me today. Temps were in the low 80's so I was content to sit on the side of the pool with my legs dangling over the edge.

Hey, Mr. Eris, who's watching the kids?



athena said...

Mr Eris looks completely passed out!

Muriel said...

We hope to come and join the fun sometime this summer!

The Numismatist said...

The more the merrier! I'm sure the Duchess would love to have you lounge next to her!

Eris said...

Everyone is welcome for fun at the pool! Mr. Eris was just taking a power nap.... it takes a lot of energy to be that awesome.