Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A day gone awry

Sometimes a well-planned day just doesn't work out the way you expected. For instance, I left the house this morning expecting to gather pocketfuls of coins from post-rain car washes. Instead, the ralking was a dismal failure, at least as far as coinage was concerned. All of the construction has basically shut down about half of my usual pickup areas. I was about 15 minutes behind schedule and I'm guessing that the rest of my hot spots got scooped by the guy on the bike who was watching my route two days ago. Grand total for 90 minutes of ralking, a lousy 32 cents. Note to self: set alarm for 5:30 AM. On the plus side, it was warm enough that I was able to ditch the sweat jacket and do more running than walking.

With summer finally here and our first temps in the 90s we were all looking forward to the relief of the pool. Yes, we've been a few times already but you don't fully appreciate the water until it's hot, hot, hot. So we were all very disappointed when word reached us that a pump at the pool had gone down and it would be closed for the day.

Luckily, Eris pulled out her $5 slip-n-slide from Target. The kids, including the clan from Idaho who were visiting for the day had lots of fun playing in the water for a few hours. Sitting under the large tree in her front yard and letting the little ones play to their hearts content was a fair alternative to the pool.

The last change of plans was the postponement of Little Ms.' final softball game. That left me with nothing to do tonight except edit a few photos and go to bed early. The photos are done and I'm off to work on my crossword puzzle before falling asleep. G'night!

$ .32 plus
.25 this afternoon.

Total: $.57 (still a lousy total)


Me said...

Dang it! Looks like ya had fun anyway.

Eris said...

It was a nice day. Sleepy.

bleason said...

Bad day in New Orleans as well. Record high heat, record low coinage find, $.16

The Numismatist said...

Bleason, maybe we need to find another part-time job?

Come on all you folks out there in UT and LA!! Take pity and start dropping coins! Yesterday's finds won't begin to buy a loaf of bread.

And bleason, 90 isn't really hot here. But then we don't have to endure the humidity that you do. That is a killer.

Mrs. Dub said...

We ended up on the trampoline with sprinklers....and I took Dub to a movie.