Friday, June 5, 2009


The other night I watched the new Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. I've been a fan of his for a long time but didn't watch often because his 11:30 time slot didn't work well with my 5:45 AM alarm clock. Anyway, one of his jokes was about what happens if you post to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Hence, the title of this post.

This morning on my way home from the pool I stopped to see Athena at her office. (My post-run aroma might still be assaulting her nostrils!) The outcome of the visit, other than the opportunity to enjoy her always-cheery personality and the uplifting conversations that happen at her workplace, was the realization that I needed to do a Facebook Page. (I think that's what you call it.) When I asked her about the status of Bubba's new job she told me what he had posted on Facebook. Right then I knew that there was stuff that I was missing in lots of lives that I care about.

So.... while eating my breakfast of shredded wheat dipped in yogurt... mmmm... I started one. The Duchess has promised that she will tutor me in the fine points of Facebooking tonight at Eris' house.

All day I kept thinking back to Athena's expression when said I was going to join in the Facebook fun. Her face went kind of an ashen color and there was a minute or two of what looked like panic. I reassured her quickly that there probably wasn't much that would shock me if I looked at her page. She must not have believed me because she still hasn't responded to my invitation to be a friend.

Oh well.

$1.42 3/4

Note: The photo is Little Ms, the Princess and Littlest Ms. They are truly BFF!


athena said...

You have been accepted.

BTW - Thanks for the girls night invite :( Yeah, never got one.

The Duchess said...

BTW - on the way home from ladies night tonight, Princess said over and over from Eris's house to the top of the Harrison Blvd hill - "Bye Allie - Bye Allie - Bye Allie" - which was super cute so it wasn't annoying.

KFinley said...

Hahaha! I thought it was a joke when I got your friend invite - but I accepted anyways!

BTW - Where's my girls night invite?

BTW, BTW - I just wanted to join in the BTW fun...

athena said...


BTW - Don't feel bad, I never got an invite either.

BTW - Miss you tons!

BTW - When you coming home?

Eris said...

Ha-ha! You just proved the number 3reason why Facebook is not cool. "Your parents do it."

BTW: You should blame D-Rock for the invite problem. NO ONE got an invite - we just agreed to meet when we realized our husbands were all going to be gone.

The Numismatist said...

Hey Eris, that was uncalled for.

BTW - Kara, you can come over anytime. We just eat chocolate, play with babies and eat some more chocolate.

BTW - My diet is a complete failure.

bleason said...

Diet, what diet? Back from 11 days of Texas Farewell Tour and portion control started slipping away about Amarillo. I'm getting back on the wagon this Monday June 8. Walks were interesting but lacked gusto.

Eris said...

Uncalled for? What on earth could you mean?

BTW: That was an actual reason from a list of 10 reasons Facebook isn't cool. I'm not judging, just reporting the facts.