Friday, June 19, 2009

Prime time

On my cameras you will almost always find a telephoto lens, one that will allow me to zoom in close or shoot wide angle. These lenses are very convenient for everyday walk-around shooting and do a nice job. Last week one of the photography forums that I read issued a challenge to put a prime lens on and learn to zoom in with your feet instead of the lens.

Prime lenses (sometimes called fixed lenses) result in a sharper focus than zooms simply because of the way they are constructed (I'll spare you the details). Depending on the lens it is sometimes possible to get very close to the subject and also to shoot in extremely low light situations.

I took this photo while at the pool this afternoon. It is closely cropped (love those 12 MP). All of those dots in the water droplets are reflections of the sun. To see the full photo go to the Shooting Blog.

$.34 (lousy day on the streets two days ago)


athena said...

Hahaha! I thought they were blisters!

Muriel said...

And I thought they looked like slugs.

Eris said...

Is that Dave?

bleason said...

$.34?? Your lousy days are some folks' good days. But I agree, 34 cents is a bad coinage day. Today after 1.4 hour walk, net was $.36, a shared lousy day. Also, we are setting heat records in New Orleans. Even at 6 a.m. it was stifling. Yet, I believe in the regression effect and outliers. I noticed your most recent post has you back on track. A bad day is usually followed by a very good day.