Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dirty snow

March is an interesting month in Utah. The weather can change from 60 degrees one day to 25 degrees the next. In my front yard the crocus are blooming, the daffodils are about a week away and the tulips spikes are barely poking up through the bark.

One thing we can always count on in March is dirty snow. January and February bring large mountains of snow lining the streets and in parking lots. As they melt all that is left is sand, dirt, garbage and sludge. Ugly turns to uglier. All kinds of interesting things can be found in the mounds. Especially gloves. Not pairs, just single gloves, lonely and filthy. A few coins are scattered around waiting to go in my left pocket. But mostly it is just garbage.

Another thing we can count on in Utah is that those large piles of dirty snow will be covered up with more snow once or twice, or three times, which is what happened on Tuesday. Six very wet inches of white spring snow.

If the deer, who seem to have taken up residence in our yard don't eat them first we will be able to enjoy these spring flowers for the next month.


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