Friday, March 27, 2009

The crock pot

A few weeks ago I complained about things blowing up in my house. I'm happy to report that since that time there have been no explosions, no unexplained smoke coming from plugged in appliances and all things computerized are still computing. Oh SFDPH, hopefully I haven't just put a jinx on anything.

This is my new 6 qt. crock pot. Can't really call it new anymore because it has been used nearly non-stop since I lovingly brought it home to join the 2 qt. and 4 qt. crock pots. The freezer is now fully stocked with all kinds of soups, beans and sauces. Three batches of shredded chicken await the transformation to enchiladas, soups and yes, yes, the beloved Chicken Wraps. All of this cooking led to the cleaning out of the freezer where I discovered all kinds of frozen goodies.

The above photo is from a recipe I found for Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup. It just won a 2nd place prize at Athena's workplace Healthy Food Cook-off. I also entered the Quinoa Stuffed Squash which got good results from the judges. Not everyone liked it because it is so unusual. Athena, bless her heart, told me not to bother making it for her when she comes to dinner. Honestly, didn't that girl's mother teach her any manners? Anyway, the winning soup netted a gift certificate for a trendy new restaurant downtown and a cookbook. Zeus will be the recipient because when I got home from the cook-off he had totally cleaned up mess I left in the kitchen. Ah, I love the guy!

By the way, the crock pot has a neat lock-down feature on the lid. I didn't think I would like it but it turned out to be great for transporting in the car.

It's been beastly cold and snowy for two day so a spicy soup sounds good. Supper is ready!


PS. Yesterday was another trip to CEC. Photos can be seen at the Shooting Blog and also at Jodi's Blog.


Mrs. Dub said...

mmmmm...chicken enchiladas.

athena said...
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athena said...

Pretty sure I said PLEASE don't make it for dinner! GOSH!