Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ringers Lactate, STAT!!!

This relaxing spa stuff is getting to be old hat for me. The phone rang this morning at 5:30, never a good sign considering how much distaste I have for phones.

The lovely arm belongs to my Mom. Seems that she has gall stones the size of the niblets pictured in my previous post. Gotta come out.

So here we wait at the other local "spa", waiting for the surgeon to finish up with his seven previous procedures (acckkk!) so he can remove the Malted Milk Balls that are clogging up her system. The accommodations here are not quite as luxurious as our two other outings in the last months. The Diet Coke dispenser is kept behind a door with a menacing "employees only" sign on it. Too bad I don't have my glasses on and can't read it.

I'm ready for a real spa at a sandy beach sipping on a Pina Colada.

Updates will follow.


Update: 10:45 p.m. Gall bladder successfully removed and she is resting comfortably. One Malted Milk Ball remaining. Bracing for possible removal tomorrow. I am now going to put on my fancy spa pjs and try to catch some zzzzs.
The above photo is of the bionic attachment that Mom is wearing tonight on her arm. Plugs and monitors and needles going in and out of multiple places. You would think I would be used to all of the beeps and buzzers by now. Hopefully home tomorrow afternoon.


Karen said...

Oh no! I'm glad she's in the "spa" getting the help she needs and I hope that they'll be able to zap the stones to smithereens!

Please tell your mom she's in my prayers and give her a big hug for me.

Take care of you too... you've had a lot going on lately. *HUGS*

Sharyn said...

Bless your mother's little heart. Tell her a doctor once told a friend that gall bladder problems are pretty much for women who are forty and fertile. That must make you a mere tot :) Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

The Numismatist said...

Sharyn, my mom doesn't quite fit into that category. Hasn't been fertile OR forty for 36 years. Your friend's doctor was right on target with my sisters who both had GB removals at that age. I'm hoping to keep mine, but then I always was the obstinate one. Just ask my mom.