Friday, March 13, 2009

Lucky Friday the 13th

I struck gold this morning! When I am running (or walking fast) I usually don't stop to closely examine the round things that I pick up. They just go in my left pocket. Quite often as Zeus is counting the coinage he will tell me that I have a "wheatie" or some other interesting coin. These coins don't go in the "Lucky Penny" jar but are instead kept in a separate place. The best one I have found was a 10 peso coin that required plucking out of a very busy intersection.

This morning I was putting in an extra 30 minutes due to a weigh-in for Team Athena (dismal failure). There was a huge amount of construction on my usual route so I detoured a little and took in a car wash. Whoa! Nice payout!

I didn't even know these things were out. Until I got home I just thought that I'd picked up a car wash token.



Eris said...

So what is it?!

The Numismatist said...

Are you kidding?

It's a Martin Van Buren Presidential Dollar.

I can't believe YOU didn't know that!

Eris said...

Why would I know that? I am not a numismatist.