Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yesterday I finally got a long-overdue haircut. I like it short. Short. Since high school it has been short, the shorter the better. My hair is naturally as straight as a pin, not even a slight bend anywhere. Not even a cowlick.

For those of you who were blessed with natural curls, I envy you. Yeah, I know, you hate them. But believe me, spending at least 15 minutes manipulating a curling iron every morning is no picnic, either. And perms, well I used to do that but still ended up with the same 15 minutes to get all those waves to go in the correct direction. (In the photo below (1980's?)my BIL is the victim of my scissors.)

When Athena and Eris were growing up I kept their hair short as well. They both experimented with longer tresses in high school but chopped it off shortly after the children started arriving.

Getting a first haircut can be traumatic, mostly for the parents. The first time I cut off Bubba's curls we all got emotional. Suddenly he looked so much older.

Jubee got a haircut when she tried to trim her own bangs.

But the best haircut of all was two years ago when Little Ms. Eris gave herself the mother-of-all-cuts, a big hunk nearly to the skin right behind her ear. There were lots of tears shed that day by Eris, Little Ms. and even the neighbor/beautician that was asked to repair the damage. (Before and after photos are below.)

Ever since then both Little and Littlest have had fairly short hair, a style that I totally adore. But I do miss the little braids and ribbons that I used to put in their hair on Grandma days.

$1.95 (includes a paper dollar. Yay!)

Update: Requested photo at the Shooting Blog.


The Duchess said...

My mother cut my beautiful, long, curly hair into a Dorothy Hamil bowl hair cut when I was 4. I have never forgiven her. The Princess will have wild crazy hair as long as she wants it...:)

Eris said...

I am going to back to the wild crazy curly hair because believe it or not, a ponytail is easier than the short curls that just look too 70s afrotastic.

But the Little Erises will keep the short hair, if only because their father can't comb their hair let alone put in cute little braids and bows.

PS - Cutting off your amazingly beautiful hair in high school was a crime against nature. Post that picture and see if anyone disagrees!

Mrs. Dub said...

I concur with Eris. I've seen that pic and wow.
I too have bone straight, thin hair. It blows. Short is better in our situation to avoid looking sick and homely.

AMAZINGLY I have 2 curly haired princesses who let me play beauty parlor with their locks whenever I want.

The Numismatist said...

Yes, I have never had a shortage of hair. On my head, on my chin, etc. etc.

The high school photo is posted on my Shooting Blog. Who was that girl, anyway?

athena said...

The kids say that you have lots of hair on your legs too! Maybe you could put the bows and ribbons there!

The Numismatist said...

Athena, that is my winter coat. But don't worry, it will disappear when the shorts come out. As I said earlier, I'm hairy. Scary hairy. Not long enough for ribbons or bows but it is soft and insulating. You should try it. DRock might like it.