Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Milk Duds

These are not Milk Duds. These are not raisins. They are not chocolate-covered peanuts. No, what you see above is deer poop.

In the last two months we have been "treated" to numerous deer sightings at our house, both in the back yard as well as the front. This is unusual as we are not particularly close to the mountains (a mile, maybe?) and there is plenty of grass and vegetation available for them to snack on at higher elevations.

I enjoy watching them walk down the street but I do not appreciate it when they wander across the sidewalk and driveway leaving a trail of poop niblets.



Me said...

mmmm...looks yummy!

Karen said...

We need to have a chat with the deer! It's not like you'd do that at their house ;-)

Eris said...

The Little Erises found it fascinating. And they will miss the deer when it warms up.

Stef said...

Hey look....the zoo came to you! You certainly did not miss out on anything at good old Hilo zoo!!!