Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My bedroom

Last night I slept in my bedroom. Not my usual bedroom, but the one that I grew up in. It's been 20 years since I last slept there. ** This room was first shared with my younger sister when our family moved into the house in the early sixties. I was a slob (gross understatement) and she was very neat and orderly (still is). At one time there was a line of tape placed down the middle of the floor so my disgusting mess could be kept on one side. It didn't work and she eventually was given her own room.

** The window looks out onto a tall mountain with only a very small field in between. In school we occasionally had earthquake drills and I worried that the mountain would fall down on me.

** At that time in the early 60's we also had air raid drills. The neighbors down our previous street had built a bomb shelter in their basement during the Cold War and I vividly recall seeing those thick cement walls and canvas cots. Looking out of that bedroom window at night I also worried that some of those stars might be Russian bombers coming to destroy us.

** On the other hand there were a few Christmas Eves that I watched out that window hoping to see Santa's sleigh come across the sky. Although I never spotted him he always managed to make it down our chimney.

** There were bunk beds in the room and I slept in the bottom one. I was sure that no one knew of the hiding place in the box springs above me where I kept all of my secret stuff.

** This room was directly above my parent's bedroom. I could always hear my Dad's snoring.

** Later on in my life I temporarily reclaimed this room while awaiting the birth of Athena. As always it was a total mess until one night I decided to thoroughly clean it. The next day Athena surprised us by arriving a month early. Nesting instinct, anyone?

It was kind of weird to sleep in the room again. It doesn't look anything like it once did. And by the way, that place was as cold as Aunt Elsie's room (a reference for Jan)! By the middle of the night I had piled up two quilts and four afghans on top of me and my feet were still like ice. I missed my down comforter and Zeus.

It was nice to spend the night with Mom. And by the way, she is doing well enough to whip me soundly at a game of cards.

$.24 (parking lot finds)

Addendum: Make sure you stop by Eris' blog to see some great shots of Littlest.


Eris said...

Sweet! That used to be my room, too!

-I had the same fear from the earthquake drills (but mine included worry about Olaf and Angel).

-I remember taping posters of the Monkees around the mirrors on the closet doors.

-I could hear Grandpa snoring too.

Mrs. Dub said...

You can never go home again...but at least you can shop there.

Marta said...

If you get to go again, a heating pad at your feet is almost as good as a down comforter and easier to pack.