Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Corned beef, cabbage and other lucky stuff

Yesterday my calendar was blank so I finally wandered down to the lair. The repaired lamp was reinstalled on the wall so it was time to get back to work. The laptop was moved back down to the lair as well. I am now surrounded here by all of my favorite toys, except for Zeus who remains upstairs.

Thanks to two ladies who have commented on my blog, Sharyn and Becky, I was inspired to get my Bernina humming along again. (Thanks, ladies!) That closet of beautiful fabrics are not going to get cut and sewn unless I do it. So, I spent the morning finishing the pajama quilt top, including borders. Cleaning and decluttering kept me busy for most of the afternoon. Then last night while watching Big Bang Theory - love it - I actually got another baby quilt top put together, a simple Snowball and 9-patch. I was in this room most of the day and it felt really wonderful.

With warmer weather approaching (had to shed the outerwear while running this morning) the lair becomes the coolest place in our house. In fact, I keep a sweatjacket in the room to put on whenever I come down. I love this room. My lair.

shiny new shoes next to old ones

I hope that you all have had a lucky St. Patrick's Day. The corned beef and cabbage is in the crockpot and I'm going to get new running shoes this afternoon. How lucky can one girl get?

$2.41 and one car-wash token

Update on Zeus: The spa treatments seemed to have worked their magic! The numbers that have steadily climbed for the last six years have gone from over 12 to .002. That is everything we were hoping for, and then some! Gotta love medical science. And a special thanks to all of you for your good vibes and wishes!


Becky said...

I'm glad i can help get you back in your "lair"! As for the counter on top of my blog-that is what i have put bindings on so far this year. Most of them were tops ready to baste but a few of them were new. And yes i'm in the stashbuster ufo challenge, i think i'm top finisher so far this year.

KFinley said...

I'm glad Zeus is doing well! Send him our best! Your motivation should be a kick in the butt for me! I have 3 quilts in the making and haven't touched them in months...it might be time again.

Karen said...

That is so great about the successful treatments!!! Still sending healing and fighting vibes...

YAY for your lair but it's a shame that Zeus can't be down there too ;-)

The Duchess said...

Go Zeus!!

Me said...

How was the corned beef and cabbage? I'm looking for a good recipe.