Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain, rain and more rain!

We knew it was coming. In watching the forecasts for San Francisco this last week we couldn't miss all of the special weather warnings that had been posted. Oh well, tickets were purchased and a little water wouldn't stop us.

It didn't stop us, although our plans were altered just a little. Started out this morning with a visit to the Dolores Mission, a beautiful old church that was the first building in San Francisco. Part of the church was destroyed in the 1907 earthquake and a new basilica was built, complete with beautiful stained glass windows. Even with the cloudy skies the windows were still lovely.

A few other places visited: The City College of San Francisco where we saw an original wall mural by a favorite artist Diego Rivera. Awesome.

Two fabric stores, one that I will be visiting again, Darlene's Fabrics. This was the DI of all fabric stores, lots of bargains on bolts, notions and ribbons just waiting to be picked through. The owner was the best part, an aging hippie who knew exactly what was in the store and who measured a yard of fabric at approximately 42 inches! Contrast that store with Britex, the other store, a four-story experience of overpriced textiles, nonexistent customer service and No. Restrooms. Are you kidding me??? Fabrics priced through the roof and they can't put in a potty?

Like yesterday, more delicious food, including another loaf of sourdough bread and chocolate. Suffering serious heartburn tonight from the yummy penne pasta consumed at the Wharf.

$.03 (not good results in the rain)


Mrs. Dub said...

I had a salmon pasta on there. It was Super Good!!

athena said...

Pasta good all by itself! No salmon.