Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Health care, anyone???

Today is Littlest's fourth birthday. This is what she is doing.

Instead of partying at the pizza joint and Children's Museum with the Princess and cousin Keegan she is sleeping on my couch, probably drooling all over my pillows. She arrived this morning with a nasty cough and a fever. The two of us have been camped out all day in the lair watching the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. When that child turns down mac-n-cheese and chocolate pudding you know she's not feeling up to par. Pushing liquids has not gone well but will resume when she wakes up.

Other health news in the family, more broken bones. This time D-Rock, Athena's husband is learning to live with a boot on his right foot and a sling around his right shoulder. Diagnosis: broken metatarsal bone in the foot and numerous breaks and probably internal damage to the shoulder. Surgery likely in the near future to repair. At least he has a good story to tell. Happened at Lake Powell jumping onto a boat that moved. Luckily friends were there to pull him out of the water so he could enjoy the ambulance ride to a hospital.

And the winter season is only beginning....



bleason said...

And I thought curb walking was dangerous. Tell D-rock to enjoy the attention.


KFinley said...

Seriously? Do I need to send your family bubble-wrap suits? Tell D-Rock that I hope he heals quickly!

athena said...

Ahhh, ambulance rides. It was a first for both of us!

Eris said...

Update: Littlest Ms. Eris is still in the same pajamas and is now drooling on Mr. Eris's pillow.