Saturday, October 24, 2009


I know before I even type one word that this is a very risky post. Some of you may be offended and for that I am deeply sorry. Gonna do it anyway.

Cats are not my favorite animal. They are temperamental, moody, aloof and hairy. If they are indoor cats they can often be found in many places that they don't belong. If they are outdoor cats they are chasing birds or pooping in the neighbor's garden. OH YES, THEY ARE!!!

Last night as I left Ms. Dub's house "Kitten" was nice and comfy on the hood of my car. Obviously, no one had warned this cat about who he was dealing with because he refused to budge, even after multiple camera flashes and the engine starting. Nope, he taunted me by sauntering right up the windshield and perching his hairy kitty butt on top of the car. No physical harm came to the cat as he was removed and placed behind the rear tire... ummm, I mean on the sidewalk.

Cat lovers, commence flaming.



Eris said...

Kitten loves you. He is the chair-cat of the Feline Friends outreach organization that is working to improve relations with between cats and people.

athena said...

If you tried to put my feline behind your tire you would definitely come to an abrupt stop. I weighed him tonight, an astonishing 18 pounds. Pretty sure it's a gland problem.

Mrs. Dub said...

First...kitten is an idiot.
Second...Athena..put that cat on a diet. He is bigger that V.