Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Partly sunny and more sourdough!

Checking in again, this time with dry feet and once again stuffed to the gills. Today's lunch at the wharf was sourdough bread bowls filled with delicious tomato soup. Yummm.

Just for Eris, here are a few photos of Coit Tower, located at the top of famous Telegraph Hill, the highest point in San Francisco. Not only are the views from the top spectacular but the ground floor is filled with colorful murals painted in the 1930s by various artists.

The afternoon was all we hoped it would be.... and more. Thanks Zeus!


Note: Just saw on television that a 3.8 earthquake hit San Jose, about 35 miles away. Hope we don't start swaying here tonight!


JW said...

Mmmmm bread bowls... Love the pics!

bleason said...

.02 and .03, just what I would have expected in new territory with so much visual attention drawn naturally to the wonderful sites of San Fran. Have a great time.