Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm pissed. And I need to get this off my chest.

First of all, msdegadeambtsmacoeputfpac. Notbscfcwzwutfc. Owihsomatkmofcftw. Bwhtetshfcwaaststfwssgalsthrbd. Asdwtb. Ahthmdfmmwwutbbfals.BS.

And then to top it all off, tifhwbittwamdhtttiaoot. Lllll. Taalllll. Ihtsilfcgdohaapihhfm.

And then there's this: Tsaihhdsiony. Tbliehid. Mbfitvshaifcoomoo.

And finally, Twitbcbaihtwaiaw. Fwfitmmwtp. Mha.

Now did I miss anything? Oh yeah. It's 6:15 AM and still pitch black dark outside. And isfctidwtgoar. Bmassbtihtgoaatgtpwihatntatolemmwdmfbs.

Rant over. Buddhizing commencing.

If you are reading this post you can rest assured that it is not about you. And don't ask because chances are even I cannot decipher what all of those letters that I just pounded out on my keyboard represent. But I feel #%&%$(@!& better after having said it all.


One more: Wwfscwotsfgc?


Muriel said...

Uh oh. I won't ask. I hope it doesn't have to do with the cute pics of Duchess's and my babies.

The Duchess said...

You know, Lewis Black says those swear words are so you don't take a tire iron and whack someone's head off - they're good for the soul. And I love how you have disguised them

Eris said...


Mrs. Dub said...


bleason said...

That is just how I felt in Atlanta last night after missing my connecting flight to New Orleans.