Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ebony and Ivory

Sometimes I miss it so much my fingers ache. Often when I'm in church and listen to the pianist play there is almost a weird emptiness inside. Eight years ago when my piano moved over to Eris' house I never dreamed that I would one day miss it, and honestly, for six years I didn't. So why now?

A few weeks ago I sat down at a strange piano, got out a book of unfamiliar music pieces and tried to play. My brain knew what to do but it had forgotten how to communicate with my clumsy fingers as they stumbled across the keys. I left the room feeling sad and a little depressed.

The piano has always played an important part in my life, beginning in junior high and high school when I was either accompanying the choirs or singing. Playing the piano or organ at church was my ticket to avoid having to teach Sunday School classes. Then for eighteen years I sat at the electric keyboard with a group of eight singers who simply got enjoyment out of performing for others.

My skills were never as accomplished as those of my sisters, mostly because I considered the piano to be a tool for my enjoyment, much like my running shoes or cameras are now, or golf clubs are to an avid golfer. It was my hobby. My parents generously provided lessons all through my growing years, lessons that I selfishly took for granted and rarely practiced like I should have.

So why the unexplained yearnings? It makes no sense because I certainly have no desire to play in public or on a stage again. Nevertheless, I often think about having a piano in my home even though the drawers of music are gone and my fingers are very rusty. And I can't see the music without reading glasses. When did that happen?



Marta said...

$202.13 is a good start for a piano purchasing fund.

Eris said...

I am making you a copy of my housekey so you can come over whenever you want. And I promise to get it tuned this week and dust it every day so it sounds and looks nice when you come over.

You don't even have to tell me you were here. But I wouldn't mind listening in sometimes.

The Numismatist said...

Nah, don't get it tuned yet. And don't dust this week.

I'll have to have a few practice sessions before I would dare let anyone hear me play. Hmmm, I better get an Annie book.

KFinley said...

I can actually's been six years since I've lived with a piano and I actually miss it. *Someday* I'll get a piano and hopefully get my fingers working again!

Do you still have a keyboard?

bleason said...

Very nice photography--your shot of the keyboard.

The Numismatist said...

No keyboard in my house either. When I gave up the sequined tops and black silk jumpsuits the keyboard was also surrendered.

Bleason, glad to see you are still talking to me. I was worried all day. And thanks for the compliment. That really was my piano at one time.