Monday, October 26, 2009

My miracle children

For the last few years I have looked at Athena and Eris and marveled at how they turned out so well. They are intelligent and both excel in their chosen fields. They each revel in new challenges, especially big ones, and are fiercely independent yet at the same time dedicated to families and life goals.

During their formative years the cutting edge technology in our home consisted of books, paper, crayons and scissors. Imagination was also a necessity. Television was four channels, one of which was PBS and included Sesame Street and the Electric Company. When we traveled they read, slept or sang along with whatever AM radio station was available. No multiple video players, Ipods or Gameboys. We kept track of state license plates, drew with an etch-a-sketch or played Fish. Or slept some more.

Circumstances in our home during their early school years didn't allow for the latest technological marvels. We were thrilled when we were given a secondhand BETA video player and later a Texas Instruments Computer that even had MUNCHMAN installed on it. (The old TI got me through college in the late 80's!)

Today I feel vindicated. It has been announced that Disney will issue refunds for those who purchased the Baby Einstein products. Apparently there is no proof that exposure to these videos will make a baby smarter. Who would have guessed that books, paper, crayons, scissors and a healthy dose of imagination would work just as well?



Mrs. Dub said...

how about that!

Muriel said...

I better see how to get in on this refund. We have some of their stuff. I didn't get it to make them smarter, just to save my sanity so I can take a shower or make dinner.

bleason said...

Numismatist, recently you asked about window wardens and finding lost or misplaced coins at fast food drive throughs. Drive throughs are my least favorite money spot for exactly the reasons you listed on a recent post. Searching for lost money is just barely within acceptable social behavior according to my own sense of decency. So being scolded by a window warden as well as withstanding the imagined stares of passengers in cars waiting for their turn at the fast food window is part of the psychological cost of the pleasure of searching the area for lost coins.
Still I persevere. I overcome the social issues by using several strategies. First I attempt to search with discretion trying not to offend the sentiments of either store management, their employees or their customers. I do this by avoiding butting in between the cars as they drive through. If there is a line, I search the margins rather than the main through way. Second, given that there are ten businesses distributed between my three main walk patterns, I can limit my searches to no more than two visits per week. I also take early morning, afternoon, and late afternoon walks. Thus, my presence is both infrequent and unpredictable. Third, I try to look professional and self assured as I search the areas rather than like my homeless friends that also search the areas for change that look unsavory, thus unwelcome by management. Fourth, when there is no cars in the queue, I try to avoid being obvious by walking out of the eye sight of the sales people that monitor the windows. Similarly, I walk quickly through the area and try to escape being seen by the employees.
These strategies work most of the time, but I have been visually and verbally scolded more than once. Still, the drive throughs are reliable sources of change and I cannot avoid the temptation to search. I do avoid one store that politely asked me to refrain from the practice.


bleason said...

Concerning your recent trip to San Francisco, congratulations concerning the Numi store and related products--very cool. I am typing this note in my Herrenzimmer, a German word for "mens' room." Formely such rooms were staples in German hotels. This summer while in German, I searched for Herrensimmers in several German hotels. Alas, they have succumbed to political correctness according to one hotel offical. They are all gone.

Nice thoughts about your family.


Eris said...

Muriel, me too. We loved the musical dvds - they are the least annoying dvds we had for a while.

Numi, that started out really sweet.... until I saw the picture of me wearing a banana clip. That was just mean.

athena said...

I just LOVE the banana clip!

I always fell asleep doing homework.

And yes, we are miracles.