Saturday, March 6, 2010


Little Ms. Eris is a Girl Scout.

Just when I'm making progress with the scales it's THAT time of year.

Thin Mints is an oxymoron.

Girl Scouts. A little bit of evil.

$2.66 (total from two ralks)


Muriel said...

I think I missed the girl scouts up here this year. No Samoas for me. :( Can I order some from Eris?

bleason said...

Numi, I too have boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Cookies like ice creame are not allowed in the MoneyWalker's house, but GS cookies are exempt. So we have elected Ms. MoneyWalker as the designated cookie governor. She brings in a carefully controlled allotment for consumption, never the whole box. Usually two evil cookies per person a night until the boxes are all consummed.

Good coinage totals and a fun blog.