Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The New Toy

Lincoln logs. Wooden railroad trains. Legos. Electric trains. Books. Puzzles. All are favorite toys of kids that last lifetimes.

Zeus and I took Bubba to AZ for a week every year until he started school. To keep him entertained on the 14 hour drive there were books and tapes, puzzles and a pillow to sleep on. He was a great little traveler and a joy to have with us.

One year I came across a building set of tubes, gutters and marbles. The object was to build a structure where you inserted the marble at the top and watched as it wound its way through the complex passageways until it ended up at the bottom. I don't remember the name. We just called it the marble game and were entertained for hours at a time during the long AZ nights. Although the younger grandkids have played with it none were as fascinated, nor as successful at it as Bubba. It's possible that game started his interest in engineering.

Last week while at the Discovery Museum in SLC with Littlest and the Princess we played with a new kind of building block. A large table in the museum was filled with these magnet-filled shapes that "popped" together yet never repelled. Adults as well as children were busy assembling all manner of three dimensional objects. When it was time to leave there was a slight meltdown by the Princess because she was enjoying them so much.

What choice did I have? The Discovery Museum carried sets of these Magforms and after careful consideration we chose the size and color to bring home with us. They have been played with every day. Bubba has given them the thumbs up.

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$2.62 (it's getting warmer each day!)


The Duchess said...

First, I love the photo of Bubba, adorable! Second, I LOVE the photos over at shooting!!

athena said...

Gosh! He used to be so cute!

bleason said...

It is getting warmer in Utah and the Numismatist is getting hotter in her coinage postings. Keep us informed. Your success give incouragement to the rest of us curb dwellers.