Friday, March 26, 2010

My Shadow

I woke up this morning to a long-forgotten smell and wet kisses all over my face. It's been 12 years since there has been a dog in our house and suddenly it is all coming back to me. The sounds of puppy claws on the floors, little doggy butts wagging with joy when you walk in the room, barking at birds outside the window, the slurping of water from the bowl and drops trailing away from that bowl. Also, I had forgotten that I could no longer sit in a chair by myself or go to a different room without being followed. But mostly, I had forgotten that no matter how stealth is attempted a dog just KNOWS that if a human is followed to the bathroom there will be petting and conversation, at least for a few minutes.

Meet Lily, one of our five grandpuppies. She is a cute little 2 1/2 year old cockapoo who had never been to our house before arriving yesterday morning. But then neither have the other four - Mabel, Cholla, Bingo and Hobbes- because they are all BIG. Our home is in an HOA that prohibits animals over 40 pounds. We have no fenced backyards so they must be walked. For six years I have watched the morning and evening parade of dogs walking their humans down the sidewalk, all carrying little black baggies, and have been grateful that I'm not part of the procession.

Within 30 minutes of Lily's arrival Zeus was looking on the Internet at pet sites. Oh dear. As much as I have missed my little Sadie I'm not sure I'm ready for the full-time responsibilities that go along with an animal. Athena and Eris have assured me that they would be happy to puppysit when we travel but that still leaves the walking, scooping and grooming requirements.

Lily did provide some entertainment yesterday morning. She trailed me downstairs and stopped short about three steps up when she noticed Gomer in his dog bed. The hair on her back went up, snarling, growling and a few barks were heard. In a crouching attack mode she slowly worked her way up close, eventually sniffing the defenseless and unmoving Gomer's butt. A truce has been drawn. Each time she follows me to my lair she gives him wide berth before going over for that ritual sniff. And he stays still while she does it.

As I type this post she is sitting on the bar stool next to me. She will be going home tomorrow evening. I'll probably miss her. Maybe. Possibly. Not.



The Duchess said...

The Duchess and her family would dogsit as well - Hobbes loves other puppies to visit - any time! Any time at all - that should have been the first thing I said when we spoke about it today, but I was distracted wondering where Paul was and it was a blizzard or something and I think there may have been a Yeti lurching toward my

athena said...

You will miss her.

Sharyn said...

We don't even call it the bathroom or Rob's Office is just the family room where 2 cats and 3 dogs show up every time we sit down. :)