Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Naughty Neurons

These two medications are necessary for my body to function reasonably well on a daily basis. One of them keeps me from suffering the pain of GERD. The other one keeps my brain neurons firing in the proper order without the ill effects of bone loss, memory loss and liver or kidney failure. The two tablets are taken religiously morning and night. I know all too well the consequences of forgetting them or simply deciding that I don't need them any longer.

Omeprazole is the generic name for Prilosec. For many years Zeus and I have crossed the border of AZ into Mexico as often as possible to buy this medication because the cost is about one-fourth of what would be paid in the USA. Same ingredients, same medicinal benefits, different country and label. No expensive doctor visit/copayment required to get a prescription. (Yes, I know it is OTC now but when I started it wasn't.)

The other medication, the one that I must take if I want to maintain a driver's license or remember the vacation to San Diego is mailed to my home every three months. In Canada you can buy the same pills for $115 per 50 tablets. At Costco in the USA it is listed at $210 per 50.

I'm lucky. Each month Zeus lovingly writes out a check to pay for my Cobra health insurance plan. The cost is outrageous and is probably enough to make a new car payment. We are both grateful that I am covered and that those nasty-tasting pills prevent my unpredictable neurons from staging an entertaining fireworks display.

At the other end of the spectrum is a close friend of ours who needs a similar medication as mine. He has no insurance. The OTC cost prohibits him from getting the help that he desperately needs to live a full life.

I'm very frustrated today. Once again I am disappointed in the failure of many to see the larger picture. Why shouldn't every person have access to health care? Why is the United States so damn far behind other countries in this regard? Why are people so eager to feed off the system whenever it is to their own benefit but refuse to help those less fortunate?

In 2020 I hope that the miracle drugs that I take will allow me to remember that FINALLY, something was done that should have been done many years ago.

For all of you who don't approve of this post, read THIS.


PS. Jim Mattheson, I have no words for you today. At least that I can write here.

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bleason said...

Liked your post. I'm glad the medicines help you to be the well functioning person that you are.

Keep those coinage totals perking.